Vintage Love

( from the album : III )

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On My Way Home

An angel in the smoke
Fog is blurring my perception
Starting fire under the ice
I will mesmerize your soul
Do you feel the heat
Switching on imagination?
Iím looking for your thrill
Iím looking for some vintage love

Dressed up for the night
Youíre a dreamy recreation
In a better light
Youíre the only one for me
Staring at the sun
Far away from your illusion
Youíre in the mood for fun
Youíre in the mood for vintage love

[Babe, You are my vintage love ] x2

Teardrops in the eye
Time for joy and penetrations
Baby, you are in the sky
You are in the sky with diamonds

[Babe, You are my vintage love ] x2

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Vintage Love

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