Flesh and The Devil

( from the album : On My Way Home )

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When you come over / Smart in your close-fitting dress
Whatever the deal is / Iíve got the keys to success

Your flesh is so fine Oh yeah !
Your flesh is cloud nine Oh yeah..

I need you every night
Because gambling is an art for me
Iím always on the bright side
When you vampirize the place like this
But you donít have to watch the other men baby
No you donít have to get it on ... by somebody else than me

End of the evening / Always get my money worth
Your skin is calling / Itís time for spiritual rebirth

Your flesh is divine Oh yeah !
Your flesh is my shrine Oh yeah..

Iím still in love with your eyes
Even if something died inside of me
No more secrets no more lies
If you promise to be kind baby
But you donít have to shake your body like this
No you donít have to sell it ... to somebody else than me

Iím addicted to you girl / Not only the sexy stripper / But also all these wonderful words / That you bring with you / When I pay my dues /
Night after night.
I know Iím such a fool for you / Using your charms / Abusing your soul /
I hate myself for that / But Iím the devil baby / Animal pleasure first / Human being last.
Sometimes I wish I was another man / A quiet and gentle one /
But real life sucks / just like me and my dirty words / Iím sorry baby /
Iím so sorry / Donít cry / See you tomorrow / Just be in time / As always / As Always / Good-Bye babe



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