The Illusionist

( from the album : III )

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On My Way Home

[ Hard to be a serious father
When children take the center of the stage
Hard to be a perfect lover
Being past middle age
So I believe in the magic hour
To glide over the content page
Everyday a pretty flower
In your golden cage ] x2

[ I donít have time for fears
I just can't stop adding girls on my list
I'm in my aerial years
I live as an illusionist ]

No reason to get the details
Of my hectic and pervert lives
(No) need to open up the curtains
I love cheating wives
You donít have to be the one
Who breaks the silence of the stone
I know the golden times are gone..
Please, don't piss me off !

[ I donít have time for tears
I just can't stop making love, being kissed
I'm in my final years
I die as an illusionist ]

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The Illusionist

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